Et jamais je n’ai senti, si avant, à la fois mon détachement demoi-même et ma présence au monde.——Albert Camus《Le vent à Djémila》

Also known as

I have never felt so deeply that I am far apart from the soul, but my existence is so real.


First of all I’d like to mention that most of the writings here is not regular.I used to think about adapting the I18N「internationalization」but I won’t.The reason is quite simple cause i dont wanana(now).Lots of times I spoke to myself in English,both pronouncedly and silently.Just like at this moment I wrote in English but I will express the remaining content with Mandarin.

Alright,我发现自己使用「Alright」的次数越来越多了,both pronouncedly and silently,still.我认为这是件好事,或许这代表着自己正在逐步接受当下发生的事实,或许没办法能那么快抽身出去,不过或许能够在一定程度上控制自己的情绪,Listen,I wanana say control my temper but seems that thats Chinglish maybe idont know fuck ha. Alright,listen I wont care about your feelings cause i got mental disease(I mean in my website’s writings only).



就像电影里片名出现时往往代表着正片开始,本文亦如此,想象一下,I believe u’ll make it.

本段或作为结尾 It’s like you said we’re brought up to this, there is nothing left, nothing but to realize and how fuck up the things are. It’s not enough, I won’t last.
Listen to me, just listen. We are all the same, we all feel pain, and we all have chaos in our life. Life is very very confusing, I know. I don’t have the answers, but I know if you write it out, it all be okay.

Thats what im doing now